Allied Arts Presents Annual Allocation

Allied Arts Presents Annual Allocation
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Posted By: Martha Thomason
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Date Posted: Wed, Jul 28 2021

The OK City Chorus is proud to be a Member Agency of the Allied Arts of Oklahoma City.  We are pleased to join them occasionally throughout the year at their on-site campaigns at businesses throughout the metro.  However, unfortunately, we were not able to sing for them this past year.  Donna Smith and Nancy Nortz, members of the chorus, represented us at the 2021 Partner Agency Allocation Presentations where they were presented with our gift for last year. 
In 1971, Allied Arts was formed in 1971 to provide the community with a way to support the arts in central Oklahoma’s cultural groups.  One single donation will help a variety of local arts organizations stay strong and provide quality programs to the public with the necessary tools and resources.   With 25 member agencies, more than 600,000 arts experiences were provided for school-aged children in the last year.  The organization also promotes arts education and raise awareness of the impact of the arts in schools, communities and the state.  They also provide fundraising technical and organizational management support to help the member agencies in strong financial and operating standing. 
Each year, Allied Arts sets a goal, and this year, the $3,649,484 raised broke the previous record.  Over 40 local nonprofit arts organizations received some of these campaign funds.
The OK City Chorus is very grateful for the generosity of Allied Arts and are happy to continue to help them in their annual fundraising campaigns.