OK City Chorus Quartets

OK City Quartets are available to perform at your next function! Please call 405.720.SING to check on availability...


Swirl members...
Lead:Kaylee McDaniel
Bass:Marie Dallam
Baritone:Mary Rhea
Tenor:Rebecca Cook
State: OK


Pitchblende members...
Lead:Tammy Atwood
Bass:Linda Hammett
Baritone:Sarah Montgomery
Tenor:Vickie Rodden
State: OK

City SoundWave

City SoundWave
City SoundWave members...
Lead:Rachel Radcliff
Bass:Nancy Nortz
Baritone:Amy Thomas
Tenor:Ashley Ray
State: OK

Madison Avenue

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Madison Avenue members...
Lead:Barbara Underwood
Bass:Caroline Rocco
Baritone:Jacque Glasgow
Tenor:Anne Fenton
General public contact: Jacque Glasgow

State: OK

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