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  • OK City Chorus to Perform at the State Fair
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Sep 24 2021
    OK City Chorus to Perform at the State Fair
    OK City Chorus is excited to be performing in public once again!  We will be performing tonight (September 24) at The Bandshell at 6:30 p.m.

    COME SEE US!!!
  • OK City Chorus Welcomes New Sponsor
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Sep 16 2021
    OK City Chorus Welcomes New Sponsor

    OK City Chorus is excited to welcome our new sponsor ... Blackmon Mooring!

    Trusted fire, water and reconstruction services for all sizes since 1948, 
    Blackmon Mooring is one of our newest sponsors, signing on in July of this year.  This company has been active in helping thousands of home and business owners recover from all kinds of disasters, both big and small over the last 73 years.  They have been named America’s longest-standing restoration company.  They report that the average tenure of employees is ten plus years, and they have performed over 287,000 jobs in the last 10 years.  They are proud of the fact that they work with their customers closely to help them understand what needs to be done, what they are going to do to fix the problem and what the customer can do as well.  They offer 24/7 emergency service.

    If you are in need of any of these services, please visit their website, where you will find a more detailed  list of specific services that they offer.  Their website and contact information is listed on our website under “Our Sponsors”.    We welcome
    Blackmon Mooring to our Sponsor Family and appreciate their support.

  • OK City Chorus Returns to Virtual Rehearsals
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Aug 25 2021
    OK City Chorus Returns to Virtual Rehearsals
    With the return and rise in COVID cases in the OK City area, the decision has been made to return to suspend in-person rehearsals and return to meeting via Zoom.  This decision was not made lightly, but it is the desire of the chorus to keep all members safe during this uncertain time.  A close eye is being kept on the numbers of cases and other information for the time being.  Visitors are still welcome to join in the Zoom rehearsals.  Interested ladies can receive more information by contacting the Membership Coordinator at

    The leadership is hopeful that this will not be a long-term practice, and the decision about rehearsal format is being made on a week-to-week basis.

  • Allied Arts Presents Annual Allocation
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jul 28 2021
    Allied Arts Presents Annual Allocation

    The OK City Chorus is proud to be a Member Agency of the Allied Arts of Oklahoma City.  We are pleased to join them occasionally throughout the year at their on-site campaigns at businesses throughout the metro.  However, unfortunately, we were not able to sing for them this past year.  Donna Smith and Nancy Nortz, members of the chorus, represented us at the 2021 Partner Agency Allocation Presentations where they were presented with our gift for last year. 
    In 1971, Allied Arts was formed in 1971 to provide the community with a way to support the arts in central Oklahoma’s cultural groups.  One single donation will help a variety of local arts organizations stay strong and provide quality programs to the public with the necessary tools and resources.   With 25 member agencies, more than 600,000 arts experiences were provided for school-aged children in the last year.  The organization also promotes arts education and raise awareness of the impact of the arts in schools, communities and the state.  They also provide fundraising technical and organizational management support to help the member agencies in strong financial and operating standing. 
    Each year, Allied Arts sets a goal, and this year, the $3,649,484 raised broke the previous record.  Over 40 local nonprofit arts organizations received some of these campaign funds.
    The OK City Chorus is very grateful for the generosity of Allied Arts and are happy to continue to help them in their annual fundraising campaigns.

  • In-Person Rehearsals Have Resumed in New Facility
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jul 6 2021
    In-Person Rehearsals Have Resumed in New Facility

    In-person Rehearsals Have Resumed!
    We are happy to announce that we have resumed our in-person rehearsals.  We are following CDC recommendations by social distancing and keeping physical contact to a minimum.  We are ready to welcome any women from the community who are interested in visiting to see what we do at a rehearsal.  Rehearsals are every Tuesday beginning at 6:30 p.m.  We will take your temperature when you enter the building; masks are not required but are encouraged if you would feel safer.
    After many years, we have found a new rehearsal venue and are now meeting at the First United Methodist Church (First Church) located at 131 NW 4th Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73104.  There are two parking lots on the northeast side of the building with an entrance on 4th Street and one of 5th Street.  You will be greeted by a member and directed to the rehearsal area.  If you plan to attend, you might want to call
    405-720-SING so that we can look for you.
    We are always looking for new members to share in this wonderful hobby.


  • Make Every Day Your Best Day!!!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Jan 30 2021
    Make Every Day Your Best Day!!!

    The Making of the Best Day Video

    When the OK City Chorus was forced into isolation by COVID-19, we continued to “rehearse” via Zoom. It allowed us to stay connected and soothed our need for singing to a degree, but we longed to share our music with others. Luckily, virtual choir technology allows singers to do just that. Thus began our quest to continue spreading joy through a cappella barbershop harmony during this difficult time.

    Click here for the rest of the story!

    Make Every Day Your Best Day!!

    OK City Chorus hopes you enjoy the finished product!

  • OK City Christmas eCards on Sale
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Dec 2 2020
    OK City Christmas eCards on Sale
    Looking for something different to send family and friends this holiday season? How about a customized and personalized ecard? With the award-winning OK City Chorus singing in the background this cheerful holiday card is sure to be a hit with everyone!

    For a one-time fee of $25.00 this customized card is sent to your email to distribute to some or all. Order dates: December 1-20. Order your customized ecard today

  • Allied Arts Participating in Nat'l Competition...
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Oct 7 2020
    Allied Arts Participating in Nat'l Competition...
    As an Allied Arts member agency, OK City Chorus is excited to share that Allied Arts has been selected as the only Oklahoma arts nonprofit to participate in a national fundraising competition. Donations made through A Community Thrives can qualify Allied Arts for matching dollars and for the chance to win a $100,000 grant award! Donate at by October 16th to support Allied Arts and OUR efforts to educate Oklahoma youth through the arts. 
  • It's Hip to Be Square - OK City Chorus Virtual Open House
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Sep 28 2020
    It's Hip to Be Square - OK City Chorus Virtual Open House
    The OK City Chorus is excited to host our first virtual Open House on Tuesday, October 13 at 6:30 p.m.  We would love to welcome female singers in the Oklahoma City area to join us for a fun evening.  However, since this is a virtual Open House, we would also love to welcome female singers from anywhere in the world to hop on in to our Hip Open House!!

    For more information, call 405-720-SING (7464) or email
  • OK City Chorus Receives Grant from Oklahoma Arts Council
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Sep 20 2020
    OK City Chorus Receives Grant from Oklahoma Arts Council

    OK City Chorus has been awarded a grant from Oklahoma Arts Council to fund our "Best Day" virtual chorus project!!

    It is great to know that they believe in the merits of our project, and the positive impact we can make by sharing our music with others.

    We look forward to sharing the finished product in the coming weeks.


  • OK City Receives Grant from Allied Arts OKC
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Aug 12 2020
    OK City Receives Grant from Allied Arts OKC
    Although the day looked much different this year, Allied Arts of OKC presented its member agents with grants from their highly successful annual fundraising event.  The OK City Chorus is very grateful to be a member agent with Allied Arts and to be a recipient of one of these grants.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Happy 75th Birthday to Sweet Adelines
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jul 13 2020
    Happy 75th Birthday to Sweet Adelines
    We are celebrating 75 years of Sweet Adelines beginning on our birthday, July 13 -- Barbershop Music Appreciation Day! Unfortunately our celebration in Louisville in October was cancelled but a virtual celebration will go on  from today through October 17th.  We look forward to celebrating 75 years of Sweet Adelines with you! Click here to join the celebration ... HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY
  • International Competition News
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 18 2020
    International Competition News
    Sweet Adelines International made an official announcement today that our International Competition to be held in Louisville, KY in October has been cancelled. Although we expected to hear this news, we are still disappointed that we won't be there to celebrate SAI's 75th Anniversary and to compete in the Harmony Classic competition this year.

    However, we look forward to being back together soon to continue our preparation for the upcoming Region 25 competition in March 2021 and the 2021 International competition. 

    We also look forward to performing for YOU soon!
  • Congratulations to a Beloved Former Member
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 11 2020
    Congratulations to a Beloved Former Member
    Congratulations to Darlene Rogers, recipient of the 2020 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award! Darlene has been a Sweet Adeline for 52 years, and in that time her influence has extended to the many singers for whom she has served as coach, director, and vocal teacher. She is a member of the Sweet Adelines International Faculty, the Education Steering Committee for Regions #10 and #25, and was a member of the 1975 Region #10 Champion Quartet, Lady Luvs. She has previously served as assistant director of OK City Chorus and director of Oklahoma Jubilee Chorus and Texas Harmony Chorus. Along with Dale Syverson and Peggy Gram, Darlene produced the popular Sing, Baby, Sing series of educational materials. Her expressive style of teaching makes her a popular instructor, and we salute her dedication to barbershop singing and to the education of Sweet Adelines around the world.
    #LifeOnAHighNote #SweetAdelines
  • OK City Chorus Says Thank You!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, May 8 2020
    OK City Chorus Says Thank You!
    We are sending a shout out to all of the health care workers who are going above and beyond during this fight with COVID-19.  The long hours that they are putting in doing their best to care for the sick while in harm's way is so much appreciated. 

    We especially thank our members who are serving:  Barb Underwood, Lyn Graham, Kirstan Boyd, Jenny Spinelli, Amanda Coon and Afton Gilliland.  
  • Chorus Awards
  •  Date Posted: Tue, May 5 2020
    Chorus Awards
    We are pleased to announce the OK City Chorus award winners for 2019-2020!

    The D.J. Hensley Award (Administrative Award) is presented to chorus members that have been expecially helpful to the Team Leader throughout.  This year's award was presented by outgoing Team Leader, Sandy Peters, to two of our chorus members.

    Congratulations to Donna Smith and Susan Gertson!!!

    The Sweet Adeline of the Year Award/Opal Chandler Award is selected by a vote of the chorus membership.  The person selected for this award is a member who always has the best interest of the chorus at heart, realizing that she is one ‘part’ of the much-larger ‘whole’. She gives her time, talents, and efforts to make herself the best member possible. She speaks positively about the chorus and happily responds to requests made of the membership. In short, she is the member you perceive as having given outstanding service to the chorus during the past year.

    This year's recipient is Lyn Graham! Congratulations and thank you for all you do for the chorus.
  • New Slate of Officers to be Installed
  •  Date Posted: Mon, May 4 2020
    New Slate of Officers to be Installed
    The OK City Chorus will be having it's first (and hopefully only!!!) virtual Installation "Banquet" tonight to install a new slate of officers.  We are looking forward to an entertaining social event with our resident MC team of Lyn Graham and Barb Underwood as the leadership torch is passed from one leadership team to another.  

    Team Leader ... Susan Gertson (new)
    Secretary ... Linda Hammett
    Finance ... Julie Robinson
    Event Coordinator ... Nancy Nortz
    Membership ... Sarah Montgomery (new)
    Music Services ... Jenifer Allbaugh
    Promotions Coordinator ... Paula Reed
    Director ... Mary Rhea
  • Longevity Awards
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Mar 29 2020
    Longevity Awards
    CONGRATULATIONS to four of the OK City Chorus members who were recognized with longevity awards at the virtual RAMM meeting on Saturday, March 28, 2020.  We are very proud of these ladies and the many hours they have poured into this art craft and the contributions they have made to our chorus, our region and our internation organization.

    60 years with Sweet Adelines is:

    Marcia Massey

    25 years with Sweet Adelines are:
    Betty Coleman

    Lynn Downs

    Patty McMillan

  • Our 1st Virtual Rehearsal is in the Books
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Mar 17 2020
    Our 1st Virtual Rehearsal is in the Books
    Well, it wasn't quite the same as being together but it was soooooo good to see each other and learn together!  Nothing's gonna stop OK City!!!

  • OK City Chorus Goes Virtual
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Mar 16 2020
    OK City Chorus Goes Virtual
    In response to the social distancing recommendations, OK City Chorus will be participating in a virtual rehearsal on Tuesday, March 17th.  There will be no rehearsal at St. Luke's United Methodist Church building this week.  Please check back here each week for updates for the week's rehearsal venue.

    Stay safe, healthy and take necessary precautions.  
  • Breaking News
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Mar 12 2020
    Breaking News

    Sweet Adelines International made a difficult decision today.  They have decided to cancel all traditional Regional competitions for 2020. While we are sad to share that the contest has been cancelled, we are proud of our organization for recognizing the impact we can have in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19.

    Stay tuned for more information on alternate contest plans as they become available.

  • OK City Chorus Partners with OETA
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Mar 9 2020
    OK City Chorus Partners with OETA
    We are proud that some of our OK City Chorus members were able to partner with OETA in their fundraising effort on Sunday, March 9.  We love to be part of the community and add value wherever we are.

    Thank you to those that participated for representing us so magnificently!
  • OK City Chorus Goes PINK
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Feb 16 2020
    OK City Chorus Goes PINK
    A small group of the OK City Chorus was proud and honored to go PINK for Breast Cancer as they sang the National Anthem at the Women's OU basketball game on Sunday, January 20. 

    Several of our members are breast cancer survivors with the most recent being our fearless director, Mary Rhea.

  • Another Session in the Books!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Feb 10 2020
    Another Session in the Books!
    OK City Chorus spent the day Saturday honing our vocal skills with the amazing Dale Syverson under the direction of our amazing leader, Mary Rhea!  We learned a lot and look forward to implementing our new skills at our rehearsal on Tuesday night so that we can WOW our audience on the Regional stage in Wichita, KS next month!



  • Region 25 Contest Order of Appearance Posted!!!
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Feb 5 2020
    Region 25 Contest Order of Appearance Posted!!!
    OK City Chorus will be Contestant Number 12 at our Region 25 competition on March 28 in Wichita, KS!!  We are excited about this draw and looking forward to "having a little fun" entertaining our region and judges!

    We also have some amazing quartets representing us on March 27. 
    • Contestant #1 ... Swirl
    • Contestant #11 ... Madison Avenue
    • Contestant #18 ... Perpetual Sound
    • Contestant #20 ... Wildfire!
    **Order of appearance subject to change** 

    Full list of competitors is available on the Sweet Adelines website.
  • Coaching with Dale Syverson
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jan 29 2020
    Coaching with Dale Syverson
    OK City Chorus is excited to spend a full day with the amazing Dale Syverson on Satuday, February 8th.  Dale is helping us hone our vocal skills in preparation for our upcoming Regional Contest in March and our Hamony Classic competition in October. This preparation also helps us be better performers when we entertain for events in and around Oklahoma City throughout the year.

    (Group photo from last coaching session)
  • Region 25 Quartet Retreat
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jan 26 2020
    Region 25 Quartet Retreat

    OK City Chorus
    was well represented at Region 25's 2020 Quartet Retreat in Tulsa, OK this weekend.  We had a total of 27 members present. One of our members, Donna Smith, and our director, Mary Rhea were part of the coaching faculty.  We had ten chorus members in four of the quartets that were coached.and we had five members participate in the Harmony Roulette. Eleven members participated as observers.  Several members were involved in the planning and preparation along with others from the region.

    One of the highlights of the weekend were the general classes taught by Lindsay Chartier-Holdeman and Kim Vaughn.  A great time was had by all and we are already looking forward to the next Regional event.
  • First Rehearsal of 2020
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jan 8 2020
    First Rehearsal of 2020
    OK City Chorus welcomed FOUR guests last night at our first rehearsal of 2020!  We learned a new intro for our new uptune that we will be singing in Wichita, KS at our Region 25 Contest in March.  We will be concentrating on refining this new uptune and our ballad over the next 12 weeks. 
  • OK City Offers Online Christmas Cards
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Dec 15 2019
    OK City Offers Online Christmas Cards
    Reduced pricing available beginning December 16th! Don't delay ... last day to order is December 23, 2019!

    OK City chorus is pleased to offer online personalized Christmas Cards with a photo option.  These cards will feature a festive song with beautiful graphics along with your personalized message and your photo.  Your friends and family will be delighted with this special greeting!!

    First personalized card now $10; each additional email address is $5.

    To preview the card and for more information, click here ... Preview & Info

    To place your order, click here ... Order Here
  • Tinsel, Tunes and Trivia
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Nov 13 2019
    Tinsel, Tunes and Trivia

    Tinsel, Tunes and Trivia

    • Prizes

    • Sing-along

    • Trivia

    • FUN!!!

    SOLD OUT!!

  • Weekend with Santa
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Nov 13 2019
    Weekend with Santa
    The OK City Chorus is excited to be performing at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 7th at the Myriad Botanical Gardens (301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK) and again at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 8th.  We hope to see you there.
  • OK City Hosts 1st Annual Harmony Bazaar
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Nov 2 2019
    OK City Hosts 1st Annual Harmony Bazaar
    The OK City Chorus was excited to host it's first annual Harmony Bazaar in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma.  We had vendors with a wide variety of goods and services from all over the state.  Stay tuned for details of our second annual Harmony Bazaar and make your plans to support us and our friends!
  • OK City Sings in Scissortail Park!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Oct 6 2019
    OK City Sings in Scissortail Park!
    We were so excited to get to sing at the opening of Scissortail Park in downtown Oklahoma City last weekend.  The beautification of our city is something we are very excited about and we loved getting to be a part of it.  Temperatures were hot, so we had a great time cooling off after a sunny afternoon sing! 
  • OK City Chorus wins midsized chorus competition
  •  Date Posted: Sun, May 19 2019
    OK City Chorus wins midsized chorus competition
    OK City Chorus is pleased to announce their big win at the 2019 Regional Chorus competition in Little Rock, Arkansas!

    The chorus placed 2nd in the contest's International division, placing us in the running for a wildcard bid to Louisville, Kentucky.  Additionally, OK City Chorus is the 1st place AA chorus in the competition.  We are so excited for the opportunity to represent our region in this role! 
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