Members Travel to Tulsa for Fundraiser

Members Travel to Tulsa for Fundraiser
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Posted By: Martha Thomason
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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 17 2022
The OK City Chorus is busily getting ready to compete in September at the Sweet Adelines International Competition in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were invited to compete in the Harmony Classic section of the competition, which includes the top five winners in the AA division.  This invitation was given for the competition in 2020; however, because of the pandemic and closures, International was cancelled for two years.  But, there will be a competition this year, and all of the competitors will be the same as they would have been in '20.

Participating in international competitions can be very costly.  Most of the ladies will be spending the better part of a week, and expenses add up for transportation, housing and food while there.  So, it is helpful to have fundraisers from time to time throughout the year leading up to the contest.

A little over a month ago, one of the biggest opportunities was presented to the chorus as a fundraiser when they were asked to provide workers for the food vendors at the
PGA Championship Tournament in Tulsa for the week of May 16-22.  Everyone was very excited and willing to take this venture on.  Under the excellent direction of the Coordinator, Sara Anders, all of the time slots were filled, workers made the trek to Tulsa.  The early shifts started early in the morning, which meant that some had to leave their homes around 5:00 in the morning.  The work was hard, it was hard, and the temperatures were high.  But everyone who worked spoke very highly of the experience.  The customers were kind and patient, and the organizers of the event were very complimentary of the team who worked the event.  The chorus is very grateful to the members who were able to work, some doing more than one shift and travelling to Tulsa several days.  They also thank the friends and families of the members who stepped up to help fill the shifts.  In the end, everyone was happy to have been able to help, and many fun and interesting stories have been shared.