Allied Arts Singing Opportunities

Allied Arts Singing Opportunities
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Posted By: Martha Thomason
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, Jun 25 2022
As a Member Agency of Allied Arts, the OK City Chorus is often asked to join them at an onsite fundraising campaign.  During the pandemic and shutdown, these opportunities were not possible.  However, recently, things have opened up, and Allied Arts approached us once again.

On May 19, in the evening, a small group of 12 members entertained at a campaign  for the Newmark Robinson Park.  The room was decorated with an island theme with seating on grass mats, and the attendees were dressed in Hawaiian clothing.  As they were finishing up their meal, the chorus sang to this very appreciative group.  Shannon Lockwood, a representative of Allied arts, said in her thank you note to the chorus, “You did such an outstanding job brightening people’s days, and people kept telling me how much they loved your performance.  They were amazed that you sounded so wonderful without any accompaniment!. . .You made my eyes tear up, it was so good!!”

The goal of any performance made by the chorus is to bring joy and happiness to those who are listening.  It is always a pleasure to help Allied Arts in their campaigns and efforts to be involved in the community.