Singing with OK City - Rookies' Perspective

Singing with OK City - Rookies' Perspective
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Posted By: Martha Thomason
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Date Posted: Sat, Apr 13 2024
~ Submitted by Cindy Allen ~
Singing in the OK City Chorus is an experience steeped in harmony and camaraderie. The slogan for OK City Chorus is “Where Music Makes Magic.” But just as important is the harmony of friendship participating in the organization provides, according to some new members who have been singing with the chorus for less than a year.

All the new members have a variety of singing experience levels. But all said they are excited to have music be a part of their activities.

The essence of singing with OK City Chorus lies not just in vocal skill, but the profound connection formed among its members, according to Cindy Allen, a new member who joined in February 2024.

“I have always enjoyed singing, but I haven’t been part of an organized singing group in many years,” she said. “I was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone when I inquired about joining; however, I soon learned that OK City Chorus is a tight-knit community that provides encouragement and a collective pursuit of excellence.”

Lisa Kirkpatrick, another new member, said she is glad to become part of a singing group again and is excited about “having the fellowship with a great group of ladies and getting back to my roots in singing acapella music.”

Ashwini Ganeshan was also eager to join and is enthusiastic about making singing a regular part of her life again.

The process of becoming a new member was not as intimidating as some of the newcomers thought it might be.

“The process was not difficult,” Ashwini said. “I felt encouraged by existing members, particularly Sarah Montgomery (OK City Chorus membership coordinator), who did a great job of sharing information on how to become a new member through auditions.”

Lisa agreed. She auditioned th last week of January and then began immediately preparing for regional competition coming up in March.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind,” she said. “Sarah has been great about sending information to all of us rookies, keeping us updated on things we need to know.”

Two of the newer members, Catherine Morfas and Caroline Shacklett, have previous experience with acapella choruses and Sweet Adelines.

“I sing in a small barbershop choir (14 people) and a quartet, so I’m excited for the experience of singing with a large group,” Catherine said. “I’m excited to learn more about the barbershop art form.”

Caroline Shacklett is an experienced Sweet Adelines singer, and is looking forward to singing with a large group of “very experienced and inspiring Sweet Adeline sisters.”

All the newcomers said the audition process itself was straightforward, and the encouragement of other members and mentors in OK City Chorus helped tremendously.

“I was pretty nervous about auditioning,” Cindy said. “But others were so encouraging and helpful, and it gave me confidence to go ahead and do it, and I did just fine. Now my goal is to improve and refine my vocal and performance skills with each rehearsal.”

OK City Chorus rehearses every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Rehearsals are marked by laughter, encouragement and a pursuit of a championship mindset as members strive to refine their craft and unlock the full potential of their voices.

The rookies encourage anyone wishing to find out more about OKC City Chorus to reach out via the website or participate in the annual invitation to sing with the group during the holidays.

“The invitation to sing at the holidays is a great way to encourage people in a comfortable setting of Christmas music, and then hope they stay like I and many others have,” Caroline said.

“It’s particularly nice to have an outlet that is productive, where you can see the fruits of your work and alongside others to meet our goal of creating something beautiful together,” Catherine said.

“This is a wonderfully welcoming chorus,” Ashwini said.

Singing in OK City Chorus is not just about the music—it's about the joy of creating something beautiful together, one note at a time.