Hire OK City Chorus

We love performing for every occasion!

From country, jazz, rock, patriotic or ballad, you will gain a new sense of the “sound of music”!  Now you can share this magic as part of your next meeting, concert series, convention, reunion, cruise, festival or any other event where high energy entertainment is desired. 

Show Package

We can accommodate your special requirements with either our full chorus, small to mid-size group or just a quartet. Performance times can be adjusted to fit your specific program needs. Quartets from within the chorus may perform as part of the "show package."

Customized shows are our specialty!  Better yet, come see for yourself how the multi-award winning, Regionally and Internationally acclaimed OK City Chorus can take your special event and make it one to remember!  Call us and we will arrange for your personal viewing. Contact us to discuss what performance works best for your next event!

We can provide high level entertainment for any event where musical entertainment is desired. Hire OK City Chorus as a full show chorus or ask for a smaller group. You can also hire one of our a cappella quartets. We have a diverse repertoire that allows us to tailor the performance to fit your needs.    


Performance fees vary depending on the size you desire, the location and length of the performance. This is arranged through our Events Coordinator. Please call us at 405-720-SING or email us.

What We Do

Holiday parties

Festive a cappella renditions of your holiday favorites add to the merriment of your seasonal get-togethers.

Corporate events

Planning some entertainment for your convention? Schedule our chorus to illustrate the power of harmony!

Birthday Party

Let us sing Happy Birthday to your 'special someone' in spectacular 4-part harmony.

Weddings/Engagement Announcement

Allow our chorus to honor you with a serenade at your wedding or engagement.

Sporting events

OK City Chorus would be happy to sing the National Anthem before a large audience at your upcoming game.


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